The JEA United Way SpotOn tournament is being run using the online registration and scoring systems. You must perform the following steps before the captainís meeting at 7pm on November 8th at Millerís Ale House (Regency) to register for this event. At the captainís meeting we will go over the rules and check-in procedures again, and be able to answer your questions. If you have problems with any of the steps below can assist you by contacting them via email at


1)   Create a Free Account at You must use a web browser to create your account. After creating your account will send you an email to activate your account. Activation will require you to enter the rest of your personal information. Only after the account is activated can you check-in fish or join a tournament. Each account has its own password that is used with the browser or app to login. You must be logged in to enter an event or check-in a fish.

2)   Test your 321Fish account by checking in a fish. During the tournament is not the time to test your ability to use for checking in your fish. Login to your 321Fish account from a browser and do a test check-in. Make sure your test check-in has an image. After successful check-in you should see your fish under the Catches page.

3)   Get the free 321Fish app for your smartphone (search on 321Fish at the Apple AppStore or the Google PlayStore), login to your 321Fish account with the app, and do a test check-in and see how the app works for you. During the tournament is not the time to test your ability to use using our Apps for checking in your fish. Login to 321Fish with the app for it to present the check-in button (+). If you are using a Windows or other non-Apple or non-Android phone, or your Android or iPhone cannot run the app because you have an outdated operating system, then you can still use the web browser on your phone or a computer to login to 321Fish and check-in catches.

4)   Enter The SpotOn Tournament at Once logged in to enter the SpotOn tournament (this must be done via a web browser). Part of entry will redirect you to Paypal which uses to collect your tournament entry fee. If does not receive confirmation of your payment you will see a Pay link next to the SpotOn tournament when you are logged in.

5)   If you have a 321Fish account that is active, have entered the tournament and paid, and have tested out checking in a fish with its picture, you are good to go. Please note will delete the test fish once you have a chance to see that your ability to check-in fish works.

6)   Get your token. If you are properly paid will offer you a Token link next to the SpotOn Tournament when you are logged in. The Token link will not give you your token until the evening of the captains meeting. Make sure you print out the token (or write it on the back of a business card) since it will need to be in your fish scoring pictures. Many anglers put it in a baggie for safekeeping.

7)   Go Fishing! Catch your fish between 6am November 9th and 2pm November 15th and check them in using the app or a PC. Your fish will be scored in real time and you will be able to see the standings of the tournament as it happens. judges will look over your fish images and apply corrections as needed. If your fish score is modified you will receive an email notification. If you catch a bigger fish or one with more spots, our system will automatically apply the best score for you.

8)   Please rate our apps 5 star in PlayStore and AppStore!


If you successfully complete these steps you will be able to check-in fish online. It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure this is done correctly and that your fish are uploaded correctly.



The 321Fish the system will automatically associate your fish pics and catch information with your SpotOn scorecard. During the event when you check-in a fish from the app it will appear in the Catches screen of the app and will also appear in the Tournament details screen that shows scorecards for each angler using the online system. If you see your fish in the Catch view with the image, and you also see it scored in the tournament details (you may need to refresh) then your fish is checked-in.


You are also able to upgrade fish - you may check-in multiple fish throughout the event and the system will apply the best ones to your scorecard. For example if you catch a 24" red in the morning and check it in online, then catch a 26" red at lunchtime and check it in online, the 321Fish scoring system will count the best fish for you and retains all your catches.


Please note that the online scoring system from the apps only lets you select a single picture for each fish you check-in. So when you catch a fish take several pics, and then when you do the check-in with the app select the best pic that also includes the token.




What follows includes a lot of information and Q&A we have handled from past participants.


1) Fish checked in via the app will have a time of catch based on the time they are checked in with the app. Anglers using the app do have a time of check-in advantage over anglers that choose to check in their fish from a computer after fishing. Ties are broken based on time of check-in.


2) If there is specific info you want to pass to the judges use the comment field when checking in.

3) If you would like to see real names for the people at 321Fish on the Catch and Tournament screens here is how to do it.

Web Site - Use Help->Settings and select the real names preference

Apps - Preferences->Show Real Names


4) You may notice that your fish size at 321fish may change during the event - this is because one of our judges has looked at the fish and adjusted the size for scoring. When this happens you will also receive a notification email. Please DO NOT attempt to edit the fish or check it in repeatedly.


5) Fish that are less than Florida state minimums will not be scored - so don't bother to check-in Redfish under 18" or over 27Ē.


6) If the account you created at 321Fish has been deleted it is likely because you never activated it. When you register a new account you receive an email requesting you to activate your account. Only after the account is activated can you check-in fish or join a tournament.


7) Remember that the standings and catches at 321Fish are provisional and not final. Judges may find the measurements are different or tokens may be missing, so don't panic from what you see.


8) Remember uploading a fish with a 5-8MB image file can take a while especially if you have a poor cell connection. Our system will work hard to upload your catch but usually will time out if it is unable to complete within 2 minutes.


9) When fish are checked in at they also appear on the Facebook page and Twitter feed.


10) Remember it is not enough to check-in WITHOUT an image - the image must be there too and it must contain your fish on the measuring stick you received at the captainís meeting with the token.