Hall of Fame By Weight

Fish Angler Description Weight Datetime Image Total Average
American Shad
TumbleRough This one should have gotten away. With the trolling lines becoming crossed up I had to take matters into my own hands,literally. I Dumped the ultralight and grabbed hold of the line for the majority of the battle until I grabbed the slab. WHew! 3.1lbs Feb 3, 2010 1 3.1lbs
SRAces test picture 13.0lbs May 7, 2014 27 4.6lbs
Black Drum
Gotcha Biggest fish I have ever cought! 15.2lbs Jun 16, 2011 1 15.2lbs
finbinder I hate sharks. What was left weighed 11.5 on the boga. I know it is obviously mutilated so it does not count, and in the excitement I forgot to use the token, but wanted to share anyways. Belly contents: crab pieces, two toadfish, one shrimp, and remains of some mollusk. 11.5lbs Jun 22, 2009 12 6.5lbs
Pirate Jerry Florida Big Catch citation ... Channel Cat 16.0lbs Feb 3, 2008 3 7.3lbs
teamgetchasum   50.0lbs Sep 11, 2014 1 50lbs
slabdaddy Go Vicious!!! Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Media Day Big Fish 2-4-2010 caught on 1/16 oz. white Road Runner pro series jighead, with southern pro hot grub tail in silver/blue. Team Vicious' Barb and Jim Reedy get all the credit for this longline fishing banner day! 2.3lbs Feb 4, 2010 4 1.6lbs
lucky dog   11.2lbs Nov 3, 2016 25 3.7lbs
Hoth2o Spotted Gar 9.5lbs Sep 5, 2007 1 9.5lbs
Jack Crevalle
seacup Tuna caught on a cigar minnow. 28.0lbs Nov 14, 2007 2 17.5lbs
King Mackeral
teamgetchasum slow troll 32.0lbs May 18, 2015 6 19.2lbs
Kovacocy   74.0lbs May 10, 2014 4 20.3lbs
Kodak Grammy Took my Granddaughter fishing for her Birthday and hooked into this baby. 38.0lbs Oct 16, 2012 138 8.8lbs
kayakling   17.3lbs May 14, 2016 226 3.9lbs
Svgolf1 8 foot 10 inch sand shark, caught on cut mullet. Big Carlos pass Fort Myers Pass. Caught on kayak, landed on beach. 175.0lbs Dec 18, 2012 3 111.9lbs
marty43   8.8lbs Feb 29, 2012 5 7.2lbs
teamgetchasum 21st birthday at 12:06 28.0lbs May 18, 2015 8 11.6lbs
Spanish Mackeral
matt_brandt   3.4lbs Apr 15, 2013 1 3.4lbs
Striped Bass
Peddlin Outlaw Lake Lanier downline herring 19.0lbs Aug 28, 2016 4 13.1lbs
teamgetchasum for the hall of fame 200.0lbs Jul 28, 2011 1 200lbs
teamgetchasum livetarget with Suncoast Fishing Charters 22.0lbs May 18, 2015 1 22lbs
specslayer my first wahoo hit a stretch 30 33.0lbs Dec 29, 2008 2 19lbs